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The Fossil Free Pride Pledge

We are calling on Pride committees to sign the following pledge:

Climate change affects LGBTQIA+ communities and individuals around the world.

In recognition of the climate emergency we are in, we pledge:

  • To adopt a publicly available ethical sponsorship policy

  • Not to accept sponsorship from or partnership with fossil fuel companies

  • Not accept sponsorship from or partnership with financial institutions funding fossil fuel companies

If you're on a Pride organising board and would like to sign this pledge, please click the button below or send us an email at Further details about this pledge can be found below.

Pledge details and explanation

By signing this pledge, you are committing to excluding fossil fuel corporations and financiers from any sponsorship or partnership agreements.


As a minimum requirement, any ethical sponsorship and partnership policy must cover all fossil fuel corporations in the Carbon Underground 200 and the banks that feature in the latest Banking on Climate Chaos report, which details the largest funders of fossil fuels. In 2023, this is Barclays, HSBC, Santander, NatWest, and Lloyds. However, this is not an exhaustive list of fossil fuel financiers and Fossil Free Pride encourages Prides to exclude all UK banks that fund fossil fuels, listed below, with information from Bank Green:


  • Barclays, HSBC, Santander, NatWest, Lloyds, Standard Chartered.


  • Relationship with Barclays: Revolut

  • Owned by HSBC: First Direct, John Lewis Finance, John Lewis Partnership Card, M&S Bank

  • Owned by Santander: Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, Carter Allen, First National

  • Owned by NatWest: Coutts, RBS, Ulster

  • Owned by Lloyds: Bank of Scotland, HBOS, Intelligent Finance


Here, sponsorship and partnership refers to any sponsorship agreements or official partnerships with fossil fuel corporations or financiers. This is a minimum requirement of the Fossil Free Pride pledge. If the Pride event has a march or parade where groups can register to take part, we encourage you to also commit to not allowing fossil fuel corporations or financiers to register for these events.


If the Pride commits to the minimum criteria of the Fossil Free Pride pledge, your name will be added to the list of Prides on the Fossil Free Pride website. If the Pride commits to excluding all banks from sponsorships, partnerships, and registration for marches, parades, parties, talks, and other Pride activities, then this will be recognised on the Fossil Free Pride website and any such Pride event will be given a Fossil Free Pride Gold award.


This pledge commits those who sign it to develop an ethical sponsorship policy that enforces the above commitments. Fossil Free Pride is willing to work with Prides who sign this pledge to draft a policy document.


We'd like to thank the following Prides for signing the pledge:

  • Brighton Trans Pride

  • Oldham Pride

  • King's Lynn and West Norfolk Pride

  • People's Pride Southampton

  • Worcestershire Pride

  • Essex Pride

  • Margate Pride

  • Cornwall Pride

  • Middlesex Pride

  • Colchester Pride

  • Trans Pride Hastings

  • Porty Pride

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